PursuitAlert is the new standard in a patented state of the art mobile warning system to alert motorists and civilians of immediate danger, within a two-mile radius, of an active Police pursuit by a participating law enforcement agency. “As the pursuit progresses or concludes, PursuitAlert will notify the affected community members that the pursuit is now out of range and to continue with caution.” This smartphone app is free to the public.
PursuitAlert only requires the one-time action of downloading the PursuitAlert App for your device. Once done, the user will receive the notifications automatically whenever they enter the range of a pursuit. This service will be in effect for any participating state, county or municipal law enforcement agency in the U.S. Thus, the service will continue to work as the user passes through various participating territories around the country.(source: https://www.pursuitalert.com/)

Follow the steps below to download the app and please drive carefully!