Hospital Division

Since 1992, Crisp County Sheriff’s Office has provided Crisp Regional Hospital with security and law enforcement services. The Hospital Division is quite vital to the welfare of the community. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, healthcare workers are victims of a violent assault at a rate of four times that of the general population. The Hospital Division’s primary responsibility is the safety and security of the employees, visitors and patients at Crisp Regional Hospital. The deputies provide a uniformed presence as an immediate response to any crime, breach of the peace, accident or threat to the property. They are available to assist citizens and visitors with information as needed and provide ancillary services to all facilities of Crisp Regional Hospital. The service area of Crisp Regional Hospital spans several counties and these Deputies serve as a point of contact for other law enforcement agencies seeking the service of our community hospital.
Ben Sumner
Cessil Rogers
Travis Butts
Hospital Hillman
Hosptial Masters
Hospital Marcus
Wayne Taylor
Civil Hilliman
Ben Watson
Hospital Security
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