What to expect when you call 9-1-1

The Communications Officer will ask several questions about the situation and the patient’s medical status. Some of the questions help to determine the level of medical support sent to the scene—emergency service personnel and the type and number of emergency vehicles—while other questions are meant to assist you until emergency assistance arrives. Be ready to give medical information and describe any person (male, female, age, height, description of clothing) or vehicle (color, type, last direction of travel) involved in the incident.

All information is taken while a dispatcher simultaneously routes public safety personnel to your location. Every question the Communications Officer asks is important and designed to assist in the most appropriate and timely response to your emergency. The Communications Officer will stay on the line with you as long as the situation dictates. PLEASE DO NOT HANG UP until the instructed that it is okay to hang up. However, if the connection is lost, for whatever reason, the Communication Officer will try to call you back.