School Resource Officer:

School Resource Officers (SRO) are assigned to serve schools in the unincorporated parts of the County. They work in collaboration with educators, students, parents, and the community to reduce crime, drug abuse, violence, and to provide a safe school environment. The SRO serves as a counselor, role model, and advocate for students, families, faculty, and staff, Currently, there are two deputies assigned to Crisp County High School and one deputy assigned to Crisp County Primary School.

How do School Resource Officers Provide a Safe School Environment?

  • Patrol school grounds, respond to calls for service in the area, and participate in juvenile enforcement missions to prevent juvenile delinquency.
  • Provide guidance on ethical issues in a classroom setting or informal settings.
  • Provide individual counseling and mentoring to students.
  • Give classroom presentations on the work of the SRO, the criminal justice system, and other related topics that help to build an understanding of law enforcement's role in the community.
  • Provide security for all school related events.
SRO Burrough
Burrough, Charles Charles Burrough
1st Lieutenant
Crisp County High School
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SRO Coley
Coley, Zenia Zenia Coley
Crisp County High School
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SRO M Davis
Davis, Melinda Melinda Davis
Deputy First Class
Crisp County Primary School
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SRO Davis
Davis, Shwana Shwana Davis
Crisp County Elementary School and Crisp County Pre-K
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SRO Spurling
SRO Martin
SRO Hawkins
SRO Chris