You Can’t Afford to be Trashy: Anti-Litter Campaign

The anti-litter campaign is a joint initiative between Crisp County Sheriff’s Office and Keep Crisp Beautiful. We aim to raise awareness, educate, and enforce state laws to eliminate litter in our county. The campaign leverages the efforts of local agencies, city and county governments, and volunteer organizations to engage the public and effect change.

The main objectives of the You Can’t Afford to be Trashy Campaign:

  • Raise awareness of how litter and waste affect the local environment

  • Educate citizen on State Law and County Ordinances

  • Enforce State Laws and County Ordinances

  • Involve the local community to address the issue of litter actively

“Crisp County Sheriff’s Office is committed to eradicating litter and illegal dumping in Crisp County. We hope to raise awareness and educate Crisp County citizens that littering is a crime with costly penalties,” stated Sheriff Billy Hancock.”

(Artwork provided by Crisp County High School Senior Wade Bailey)

Additional Supporting Artwork provided by the following Crisp County High School Students from Mrs. Young’s art class.

Haley Kendrick, Kayla Brown, Rylee Little, Olivia Taylor, Brittney Ware, Mistica Martinez, Haley Bodrey, Nyleah Davis, Bella Nipper

Ella Faircloth, Andrew Diaz, Viran Patel, Skyler Johnson, Drayton McGinnis, Jacob Taylor, Daisy Perez