Inmate Labor Detail

The Inmate Labor Detail is made up of low-risk inmates who provide a great service to Crisp County by completing clean-up and maintenance projects, under the supervision of Deputy Sheriffs. Additionally, inmate labor is utilized within the detention facility kitchen, laundry, and perform facility cleaning and maintenance upkeep. During 2017, these inmates contributed more than 41,000 labor hours to Crisp County. Figuring at minimum wage, these services saved local taxpayers an estimated $325,926.
The inmates selected for the work crews are carefully screened. They must have a history free of violent crime convictions and must be model inmates who are determined to be low escape risks, and who are nearing the end of their sentence. The experience they gain includes teamwork, following instructions, handling power equipment, forestry skills, and developing a work ethic. Our goal is for the inmate laborers to improve not only the conditions of our roads and forests, but also to gain skills that will help them to be productive citizens once they are released.