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CRISP COUNTY- September 28, 2017

“At approximately 6:20pm on September 27, 2017 Crisp County Sheriff’s Deputies we notified of a pursuit entering Crisp County from Dooly County” Stated Corporal Kenny Purvis.

Deputies were advised that Dooly county authorities were chasing a green in color Dodge Dakota pickup with no tag as well as other traffic violations. The vehicle entered the city of Cordele and traveled numerous city streets running stop signs, and being operated in a reckless manner at speeds above the posted limit. Crisp County Deputies joined the chase at the intersection of 13th Street and 15th Ave. The vehicle continued to be operated at high rate of speed in a reckless manner. The driver of the vehicle turned onto 21st Ave from Joe Wright Drive were he slowed to allow the passenger to exit the vehicle. At this time a Crisp County Deputy pulled in front of the vehicle with Dooly County close behind in an attempt to block the vehicle in.

The driver jumped from the vehicle leaving it in gear causing it to strike the Crisp County Unit and continuing until it came to rest against a tree. Shortly after exiting the vehicle the driver Jamie D. Brown 33 year old resident of Crisp County was taken into custody by Corporal Davis of the Cordele Police Department a few blocks away. Brown was transported to the Dooly County jail to face charges. Brown will be brought back to Crisp County to face numerous traffic charges and an obstruction of an officer charge. Damage to the Crisp County Unit was minimal and Corporal Purvis was uninjured. The passenger of the vehicle later turned their self in to Crisp County authorities, but was not charged.