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CRISP COUNTY- August 31, 2017

Anthony Nicholas Evenson, 24 year old resident of Lauderhill, Florida was arrested August 31, 2017 around 2:17 am after assaulting a female passenger and possessing approximately 400 white in color pills suspected to be Xanax. Deputies responded to a possible assault on a Greyhound bus that was pulled over to the shoulder on Georgia 401 mile marker 94.5.

Deputies arrived and found Evenson appeared to be under the influence of some sort of substance. Deputy Cranford stated “While walking, Evenson began stumbling as he stepped and slurring his speech.”

“He was barely able to stand upright tightly clutching a black bag with straps” said Deputy Harper. Evenson was then searched for officer safety, and was found to be in procession of approximately 400 Xanax pills hidden inside a Gillette Shaving Foam can with a false bottom.

The assaulted female refused medical attention, and Evenson was transported to Crisp Regional Hospital. Once medically cleared by hospital staff he was transported to Crisp County Detention Center. Evenson is charged with one count of Battery, and one count of Possession of Control Substance Schedule IV with Intent to Distribute (Xanax).