25 Days of Christmas Safety (Days 8-14)

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Christmas Shopping Safety

• Always be alert and aware, pay attention to your surroundings.

• Avoid carrying large amounts of cash.

• Make sure cell phones are powered on, fully charged and accessible. If you are going with a group, ensure everyone has everyone else’s phone numbers in their phone.

• Keep purses zipped and close to your body. Never leave a purse unattended in a shopping cart where it is more susceptible to theft.

• For freedom of motion and clear visibility, do not overload yourself with bags when leaving a store and returning to your car. It’s difficult to defend yourself with when you’re carrying a lot of packages.

• Use ATMs in well-populated, well-lit locations. Do not throw ATM receipts away at the ATM location.

• Remember there is increased safety in numbers. Avoid walking alone and leave malls and stores well before closing time to assure a more active parking lot. Ask mall security to walk you to your car if you feel you are not safe.

• Do not leave packages or valuables on the seat of your car. If you must leave something in the car, lock it in the trunk or put it out of sight.

• Avoid wearing expensive jewelry.

• If shopping with children, snap a quick picture on your cell phone. This will help in the event if anything should happen and you become separated you can give authorities a current picture and accurate clothing description. Also advise your children that if they get separated from you, they should go straight to a store employee, security guard, or law enforcement officer

Parking Lot Safety

• No Distracted Driving!

• Be cautious, expect increased traffic and congested shopping center parking lots.

• When backing out of a parking spot, be aware of waiting cars, others who are backing out at the same time, and pedestrians walking.

• Drive slowly through the pedestrian walkway in front of the shopping center there will be more pedestrians entering and exiting than normal.

• Lock all doors and roll up all windows even when leaving the car for a short period of time.

• When shopping, keep gifts in the trunk or hidden from view in the interior of the car. Also, put all of your packages in the trunk before departing one parking lot and driving to another. Waiting until your next shopping destination allows others to see packages go into the trunk of your car and then you departing into the mall or store.

• Make a mental note or write down exactly where you park your car to avoid wandering around longer than necessary.

• At night, avoid secluded areas and park directly under lights whenever possible.

• Have your keys in hand when leaving a store. Also, look underneath your car before you reach it; criminals have been known to lie underneath in wait.

Online Shopping Safety

Here are some tips to help protect yourself while shopping online.

• Shop from a secure computer and using a secure connection. (Don’t shop on public Wi-Fi)

• Only use trusted merchants, secure sites.

• Review credit-card and bank statements regularly during the shopping season.

• Use unique and strong passwords and login information for each site you visit.

• Be cautious of unsolicited emails

Business Safety Tips

1. Never open or close alone.

2. Review cash handling policies, procedures and expectations with your employees.

3. Periodically remove extra cash from the registers and put into the safe.

4. Inspect currency for counterfeit.

5. Never carry bank deposit bags out in the open.

6. Ensure deposits are taken to the bank before dark.

7. Validate deposits daily.

8. Review daily sales information for excessive/suspicious voids, refunds, no sales, and over rings.

9. Check that all locks, alarms, cameras, video recorders, make sure they are tested and working properly.

10. Leave the parking lots on all night during the holiday season or set timers at least one hour after employees are scheduled to be leaving the premises.

11. Control and monitor all back door openings.

12. Secure the keys to the back door.

13. Keep the back door locked and alarmed when not in use.

14. Make sure employees know how to react during or after a robbery.

15. Reduce marketing materials on windows and overgrown bushes obstructing views from the street.

16. Before closing, inspect restrooms, storage areas, etc., for anyone left behind or hiding.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Cordele Lions Club Christmas Parade begins Friday, December 13, 2019 at 6:00 PM. Here are a few precautions to ensure you and your loved ones can enjoy the Christmas Parade with peace of mind.

  1. ARRIVE EARLY. Arriving early allows you to find a safe spot for your family prior to the heavy foot traffic.
    2. SELECT A MEETING SPOT. Agree prior to the parade on a meeting spot in case your group becomes separated.
    3. PARK SAFELY. If you have avoid it don’t park in a place that you will block traffic when the parade ends. When attending a parade at night, make sure you park in a safe, well-lit area.
    4. DRESS FOR THE WEATHER. Wear the right kind of clothes to protect you and your family from the elements.
    5. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR CHILDREEN. Make sure they stay on the correct side to avoid crossing paths with the procession.
    6. SEE SOMETHING,SAY SOMETHING. Like any public event, pay attention to your surroundings and report any suspicious activity to law enforcement officials.
  2. "See Something, Say Something" is a brand utilized by many states across the country. The message is simple: please speak up if you witness any unusual behavior. Our citizens are our greatest asset, our eyes and ears out and about in our community. We can all help keep our community safe by paying attention to our surroundings and reporting suspicious activity.
  3. To report suspicious activities, tips, or crimes citizens can CALL/TEXT our tip hotline at (229-322-8891), submit online at https://crispcountysheriff.com/crime-stopper, or call our office at (229-276-2600). Reporters can remain anonymous if desired. For imminent threats, always call 9-1-1.


Please remember to remove valuable items and lock your vehicles.