Crisp County Detention Center

What happens when a person is booked into the Crisp County Detention Center?

We understand having a loved one or a friend booked into the detention center can create confusion and uncertainty, both for the inmate and for the friends or loved ones involved. In hopes to eliminate confusion and provide some comfort we would like to answer some questions that you may have in regards how the system works. Under the Crisp County Detention Center you will find information on mail services, telephone services, visitation days and times, methods to send money to an inmate, and posting bond.

However prior to those services your friend or loved one will go through the booking process. You may find it difficult to contact the person who was arrested for some time following the arrest and booking. Please do not be concerned by this delay the pre-booking process can be lengthy, but it is routine and necessary.

Upon arrival arrested individuals go through the intake and booking process before being housed with the inmate population. This process takes anywhere from two to eight hours and consists of medical screening, verbal mental health screening, identification process, warrant checks and other clerical matters. A private medical screening by a member of the jail medical staff occurs within seven days of intake. This screening is conducted to make sure that all conditions are properly noted and to ensure that the facility is capable of meeting the inmate’s medical needs.

During the intake and booking process the inmates are searched to make sure that no contraband is being brought into the facility. They are also photographed and fingerprinted. Their personal information is entered into the jail’s computer information management system, then bail can be determined by a judicial official and a court date is set.

Some inmates may be eligible for release very soon after arrival at the facility. Intoxicated inmates may be held up to 24 hours, and sometimes longer, to ensure that they are sober enough to be safely released. Most inmates are eligible for bail, and they have access to telephones to allow them to contact assistance to arrange bail through family, friends, or bail agents. When it is determined that an inmate will not make bail in the period immediately following admission, they are assigned to a housing unit based on their classification and other criteria. Prior to being escorted to their unit inmates receive a uniform, shoes, mattress, towel, washcloth, sheets, toothbrush, toothpaste, tissue, and soap.